Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost All Hired Up!

We had a fantastic time (mostly!) interviewing fresh young wanna be raft guides and zipline guides. We are almost all hired up for the season. The only positions we still have to fill are for a drug free shuttle driver, some zipline guides and an office person for Gardiner. Come on, people! These are great jobs!
Actually, we are still receiving a few resumes a day, we're just picky! We have been using skype this year to interview out of town applicants, and that was strange at first, but we got used to it. It's usually so strange to see people for the first time, if we hired them over the phone. And asking people to send a photo is just silly. Right?
Many people like to go on about how working with us would be a dream job and how much they love to be outside and bla bla bla! I can hardly stand it anymore! I would like people to realize that this is a job like any other, and telling me how great it would be for you if you got this job, well thats just obvious. You wouldnt say that at any old job interview! It's so irrelevant! Please tell me what you can do for us! How much you have to contribute! The benefits for you are obvious, I need to know why i should train you, manage you and get you to the point of even being able to do the job!
That being said, I am Very pleased with our selection of new guides for this year. I hope they do me proud!