Friday, February 09, 2007

What we do in the Winter

People always ask what we do in the winter, so here's a little update.
Bill just got back from an intensive Wilderness EMT course at NOLS in Lander. He took his National Test the other day and passed. He celebrated by putting extra goat milk in his Nettle tea.

Those of you who know us well will be pleased to learn that we hired a personal organizer to come and help us with our office. We removed 4 garbage bags of old files and clutter. We can now pay bills/ take reservations / write at the desk!

Stevie has been staying with us on and off - and he is planning to go on the Grand Canyon for a month - leaving next week. He is taking a yellow MWW boat- an new, unnamed one. It will probably return with some stories! Here is a pic of Steve pumping up some boats in the garage. They get soggy when it gets cold and he was helping to straighten the stack...

OK, lets see, what do we do in the winter? It always seems to be something - working on Montana Whitewater and related projects... We are already making resies, talking to potential guides and returning guides, planning how to improve and still have fun and hoping for more snow!! MWW (m dub) is a lot like a theatrical performance. We spend all this time preparing and practicing so that when the custies arrive, it's showtime!

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