Monday, January 28, 2008

Yellowstone Vacation Planning Advice

If you are currently planning on a trip to Yellowstone this spring or summer, here's some general tips to guide you:
Lodging gets booked up in the Park - as well as in the Entrance towns, so if you have specific dates, get on that!
For Camping - some campsites are first come, first served, others take reservations. There are campgrounds outside the park borders - Private operations as well as Forest Service Camping - so if the Park is booked, look right outside the park.
Don't plan on trying to see everything. You will spend all your time driving. Plan on taking a walk or a hike and getting off the beaten track. This is where the magic of Yellowstone will come alive!
Wildlife can be seen anywhere in Yellowstone Park. Use the Pullouts, bring the binos and travel early mornings or at dusk for best viewing potential.
Read the Newspaper they give you at the Park Entrance. It has a lot of helpful tips and safety advice that you don't want to miss!
Maximum park speed limits are strictly enforced and range from 15 to 45 mph. Plan on extra time to drive through the park.
Much of Yellowstone Park and the surrounding areas experience mountain weather patterns. This can result in rain or snow events even in July. The sun is also strong at many elevations in the Park. Be prepared by bringing hot and cold clothing items regardless of the season. Sunscreen is a must!
There are limited places to get food inside the park (that tend to get very busy during peak seasons) so consider packing a lunch and eating it outside.
Don't feed animals, including birds.

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Sean Carter said...

some great ideas, we has just a blast during our West Virginia vacations doing some of these same activities! People really should go out and experience what nature has to offer