Monday, April 07, 2008


Photo Courtesy of Bridger Bowl Ski Resort
The snow this winter has been constant! We are looking at a high water year!
We really don't know how this will pan out in terms of water levels but we have a feeling that the water this spring will be higher than usual - making for some exciting rafting! Hopefully the snowmelt will occur gradually and we will have solid water levels throughout the season but who knows?
High water season is usually Late May through sometime in June...
At that time, our Yellowstone River trips will be rockin fun and we will be very cautious about running clients through Yankee Jim Canyon. If water levels are too high to run through the Canyon, we will offer a special full day that will be 2 half day runs through the town stretch with a lunch provided at our river side office.
Our Mad Mile stretch of the Gallatin can also be too high to run with clients but that means that the upper stretch will still be a rockin good time. The issue with the Mad Mile is that it is more than a mile of cold class IV+ rapids - continuous. This means that if there is any swimming, it can be gnarly. As the water level becomes appropriate, raft trips down the Mad Mile will be offered, at our discretion. We reserve the right to choose the best stretch of river for different clients.
Please call us if you are curious about water levels during your visit!


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