Monday, May 05, 2008

Hot Lunch Truck at the Gallatin Office!

Rollin' down the river, once the rapids have petered out the subject always comes around to .... food.
"Where should we eat?" MMMMmmmmm
Unfortunately, the closest eateries are 20-30 min drive away which can be not fun when kids are yelling and stomachs are growling...
This winter, we hooked up with Steve, a cook from California. He, and one of our guides, Louie, were having lots of success selling their food at the Berkeley Farmers Market. But, Steve wanted to move to Montana and Louie was headed home anyways and so they bought a catering truck and are setting it up at our Gallatin Office!
Steve came over to our house the other night to share his special home made meat rub recipe and cook up some ribs....

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me123 said...

I must admit, them's some damn fine ribs. I wonder if they'd taste any worse or any better if people new that the BBQ you cooked them on was stolen from your former best friend?